Whythehellnot?’ looks like a great romance book.  What type of readers would be interested in your book?         
I believe adults of all ages will take something away from this story. It's ageless. But especially women who have perhaps given up on the idea that true love--the kind you see in the movies and read about in novels--women who think they deserve less, so they settle for less, because they don't think there is anything better out there for them, or because they think being alone is worse; these women can know there is always hope. And they are worthy of the kind of love that reveals and enhances their best self.     It's not just for women, though. There are men who have lost their wives and think they can never find love again. Men who have never found it and think it's too late. It's never too late, whatever kind of love you're looking for--love...is love.     It's for anyone who's afraid to make that one decision--that first move--to change their life forever, because it scares the sh*t out of them. We're all scared. None of us own the patent on fear. But Honey, we gotta decide what we really want the rest of our time on this planet to be like, because we're gonna be here either way.     It's for you. You, who's sitting there thinking you're alone. You're not.      

Any plans to make ‘Whythehellnot?’a series?           
This is definitely something I am thinking about. I've started a second book a few times already. There will probably be a few more false starts before the engine turns over.

What inspired you when writing the book?              
How spiritual this entire journey is. I'm a writer. It's what I do, so I had to record what was happening. But the frustration was the limitations of the human language. I will never have enough or adequate words to make anyone really feel what this feels like. But I can't just not try. People have to know that this kind of thing is real. That those stories they make into movies--those come from someplace real. You can believe in it.     (If you're on your deathbed don't be cussin'me out if it hasn't happened for you, 'cause I'm still gonna tell you to believe. I'm gonna say--it's not the end.)

Why did you decide to become a writer?                
I didn't. Just like I didn't choose to have brown eyes. (Unless you believe that we choose these things before we come here, which maybe I did. But if that's the case, you'd have to ask me why in the spirit world.) It's what I am. Even when I've had other jobs, I've always written. I've never not been a writer.     Writing helps me communicate more clearly, or sometimes in hidden ways, something I want to get out. I write a lot of poetry as well, and that has been my way of purging thoughts and feelings in a sort of code.     Writing, as with any form of art, is a miraculous opportunity to connect with another person's soul. I have walked into a bookstore, pulled a book off a shelf, opened it and started reading, and thought, My God, this book was written for me. This person is speaking to me. And I've literally stood crying in the bookstore. I've started reading a book in a bookstore and stood there laughing my a** off. I want to touch someone like that. People remember the way you made them feel.

How did you come up with the story in the book?           
I lived it.

Did anything stick out as particularly challenging when writing?           
Writing the parts that I wasn't sure I wanted anyone to know about me. I would talk to Anthony about it and say, "People are going to see me and have this picture in their head now." And he would tell me, "But you have to leave it in. It's all part of your story. They have to know the bad or they won't know why the good is as good as it is." You know you're not the only only one. They have to know they're not either. And they have to know there's hope." That was before I changed all the names and locations and took a pen name. But reality is, I want to promote my book. I live in a small town. So as soon as someone in town reads the back of the book, they will immediately know who wrote it. I think really, the hardest...is knowing that my family will know how much I'd been suffering. I didn't want to go there. I don't want them thinking about that.

What do you like to do when not writing?            
Have interesting, thought-provoking conversations with my hubby or anyone else, but especially my hubby. Visit my kids. Hang with fam. (I have an awesome family.) Paint, draw, photography, play piano and flute. Crochet. Have coffee with friends. Pet my cats. Pet my dog. Dog sit. I'm considering a podcast. Read. Did I mention painting and drawing?     Watch Netflix or Amazon, especially something that makes me laugh. I love to laugh and make people laugh. You gotta laugh. I enjoy going to movie theaters, especially old ones. I love historical places, where you walk right where everything happened, especially mansions, where there is the history of the families told and evidence of them having been there. Going to very old cemeteries. Museums. Going to cities. People watching. Being near children. (That sounds weird. I was in childcare for 25 years--not like, as an adult-child, but as a caregiver--so I really miss it sometimes and miss my own kids being little, so I really enjoy when I get to be near them...little kids that is. Well, my own kids, too, but I already said that up there ^^^.)     
Okay! I'm guessing that's more than enough. I can get a little out of control at times. And I'm feeling that feeling where I'm pretty sure there should be someone stopping me from saying anything else, but of course, no one's gonna stop me. I'm like that drunk friend that needs their keys confiscated, but everyone's in the living room and I just came out of the bathroom which happens to be right by the back door, so nobody sees me slip out and get into my car, and if it was a movie you'd be like,  "Oh come on. Nobody's that stupid. It's like, thirteen degrees out and she left her coat inside...." ...... Not sure anymore where I was going with this. Talk amongst yourselves.

Where can readers find out more about your work?           
Ooh, good! An easy one.     
I have a Facebook page @tayleekind. Also an author page at amazon.com/author/tayleekind. You can watch for more to come there!